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Setting goals for your life can be very beneficial. Many people around the world use the 1st of January every year to start their new year's resolutions. While some might find it cliché, it can be extremely helpful for many. Because setting a goal with a certain date, can motivate many to accomplish it. Breaking habits, making new and better ones, as well as starting over. And what better time to start something new, than the fresh new start of a year?

Get into sports

Being more active is a goal many people thrive for. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to figure out what kind of sport is suitable for your personal needs and wants. The best thing you can do is to do proper research. and make a list of sports that might be interesting for you.

Check out what sports options you have around you, as well as what it requires to do them, timewise, as well as fitness and ability level, and cost. Maybe you have more of an interest in reading and studying different kinds of sports through betting online.

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Learn to meditate

If you have not experienced the wonders of meditation yet, this is something that may be beneficial for you to practice this year. Meditation has been practiced for many years, by various people in many countries in the world. The encouraging thing is that it has been proven to have many benefits for mental health, and general well-being.

Fair to say, it takes practice, but luckily there’s many apps and tutorials available online. You can check out beginner guides, where you start with only a few minutes a day, and then build it up slowly. Mediation is very useful for calming the mind and managing stress.

Breathing exercises

If you feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, or have trouble sleeping, do not worry, you are not alone. But, if you want to get rid of those nasty things, it might be useful to try breathing exercises. In meditation breathing exercises are used as well, so you will also learn different techniques through that practice. When you do breathing exercises, you will increase the oxygen level, which also makes you more relaxed. Try it for yourself. The good news is that you can do them wherever you want. In the garden while the breeze is caressing your face or in the comfort of your living room.

Remember physical activity every day

It is advised to be physically active for 30 min every day. Honestly, that is the minimum you can do for your health. If you do a certain sport, you will get lots of exercise, but if not then consider going to the gym, go for a run or a power walk in nature. If you want to track your steps and calories, you can get several helpful apps for this purpose. Many experts say we need to do between 7.500-10.000 steps daily.

Think about your diet

Fair to say, eating well and healthy is important for your being. Maybe it’s time to cut down on sugar, and unhealthy fats, and find alternatives. A healthy diet is important in terms of overall health, and to protect the body from illnesses and different health conditions. If you want to get more fit or lose weight, you will have to pay attention to what you eat.

There’s a reason why people say, ‘you are what you eat’. Have you ever heard about the 80/20 in terms of fitness and food? Food makes up for 80% of the overall fitness results, whereas the last 20% is working out.

Do more things that you love

Setting goals for the new year is not just about eating healthy and being active. It Is also important to do things that bring happiness into your life. This means more fun plans and activities throughout the year. Go to festivals you’ve always wanted to experience, book tickets to a concert with music you haven’t heard before, and find new and exciting things to try out.

Go traveling to destinations you have always dreamt of and take small weekend trips away. The world is big, so if you have the possibility and freedom to go, go now! Think about what you want to look back at when you grow older, and what you wished you had done.

Take care of your mental health

Taking care of yourself mentally, is important to feel good and thrive. This year might be the right time to sit down and think about your life. Do you feel stressed, worried, anxious, depressed? Try to work out what brings these feelings, and situations into your life. Maybe you need to cut down your hours at work, stop doing overtime, or even cut ties with some people.

Letting go of people you care for is hard, but in many situations necessary so you can feel more peace in your life. It’s important that you think about yourself, and your own well-being.

Seek help if you need to

There is definitely no shame in seeking help when you are overwhelmed. Whether that means healing, clairvoyance or seeing a psychologist. There can be things that are just too complex to deal with on your own, and it’s important to ask for help if you need it. If you feel like professional sessions could ease your pain, search for an esteemed professional in your town. There’s no harm in trying it out, everybody can have the need to speak with someone about personal issues and secret battles. The good news is that it works in most cases.


Nurture your relationships

The people who do you good in life are keepers. The people who bring happiness, laughter, joy, love, and appreciation. Make sure you spend more time with them, making new memories and more bonding this year. Go holidaying with your mum, your sister, take trips with your dad and make sure you nurture your romantic relationship too, if you’re in one.

Take courses

Have you always wanted to learn Spanish, play ukulele, or sing in a gospel choir?  This year is your opportunity to do and learn something new. Maybe you want to get better at sometimes business wise, like marketing or sales. There are so many options available online in terms of different courses, so why not check it out? If you feel a bit stuck in life, what’s better than learning new skills?

Start your own business

If you thought about starting your own business, but haven’t had the courage to take a stab at it, a great way of getting the ball rolling is by taking an entrepreneur course and making a business plan. This will make things clearer for you, in terms of how to get started, what to do, marketing, budget and expected sales, etc.

Do something creative

Exploring your creative soul gives joy and fulfillment. Whether that’s knitting a jumper, painting a picture, or taking photographs of everything and nothing. If you don’t have any hobbies right now, it might be an idea to start looking for one. It can be both meditative and therapeutic to do creative hobbies. Look online if you need some inspiration.

365 days of possibilities

A new year contains 365 days. Don’t stress yourself, if you don’t get started with your new goals on the 1st of January. You have time, so take one step at a time and try again tomorrow. Rome wasn’t built in one day, have patience and keep motivated, so you can reach your goals and live the life you dream of.